BedZED Case Study

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  • BedZED
    • Transport
      • Encourages Walking
      • Car pooling
        • Reduces number of cars on road - less polution
      • Public Transport links
        • Reduces number of vehicles on road
    • Sustsainability
      • Recycle 60% of waste
      • Created by natural/recycled materials
      • Generally use 81% less energy than the average UK home
        • Use 58% less water than the average UK home
        • Use 45% less electric than the average UK home
          • Use a tracking meter to show people what they are using (This discourages them)
    • Location
      • A community of almost 100 homes/offices
        • Homes are south facing to increase "passive solar gain"
        • Offices are north facing to decrease use of air-conditioning
      • Beddington Zero Energy Development, Beddington, Surrey


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