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  • Hero
    • Gender Role
      • Always reacting to the orders and actions of others, she's supposed to lead
      • Has her self respect taken from her by Claudio, looked down upon by nearly everyone
      • Typical unmarrried Elizabethan women
    • Relationships
      • Daughter of Leanato, Cousin to Beatrice
      • Slandered Fiancee to Claudio
    • Pictures
    • Audiences View
      • Hero may be seen as foolish to marry Claudio again after he humilated her
      • The audience will feel empathy towards her as she is stripped from everything by her father and her lover
      • She may be well liked as a character as she keeps herself to herself and is very modest, innocent  loyal
    • Characteristics
      • Innocent
      • A very passive person
      • Quiet and shy
      • Gentle, caring, loving young lady
    • Quotes
      • Indeed, he hath an excellent good name.
      • He is of a very melancholy disposition.


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