bayonet charge

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  • Bayonet Charge
    • context
      • served in  RAF
      • Common themes
        • countryside, mythology human history
      • Poet Laureate
    • Language and Imagery
      • to present feelings
      • sound
        • repetition
        • repeated h of heavy breathing
      • imagery
        • rich descriptions
        • running towards 'green hedge'
          • simple, childlike
        • ocntrast
          • imagery of war
          • imagery of nature
            • hare = image of death
            • farming imagery
        • simile = hell to battle field line 8
    • Structure and Form
      • filled with words and images suggesting thick mud which he is running through - main theme
      • varying length of lines
        • suggest the quick and slow movement of the solider
      • 1st stanza
        • about action and running
          • flow broken by the use of dashes
            • soldier is starting to wake up and realise what is happening
      • second stanza in slow motion
        • lines broken by punctuation
      • 3rd stanza rushes towards his death
    • Ideas themes
      • steps inside the body and mind of solider
      • dramatizes struggle between mans thoughts and actions
      • stanza 1 blind obedience
      • 2. time stands still as he thinks about what he is doing
        • moments of clarity
      • at the end moral justifications become meaningless
        • king and country
      • becomes a human bomb - a weapon of war over a human
    • subject matter
      • unusual for author
        • countryside, mythology human history
        • nameless soldier in ww1
      • experience of going over the top - one nameless solider
      • turns solider from living thinking solider into  a dangerous weapon of war


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