Bayonet Charge

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  • Bayonet Charge
    • Personification "That dazzled with riffle fire, hearing bullets smocking the belly out of the air"
      • 'dazzled' suggests he is overwhelmed by the gunfire and is unable to comprehend the situation
      • harsh words connate impactful actions and being winded
      • shows the furiosity of the weapon
      • It's confusing/ brainwashing him with 'dazzled' with riffle fire
      • Shows the weapon is part of the soldier
      • The bullets are damaging the earth
      • He doesn't know which direction he should be going in
      • He is unprepared to fight
      • Gives the impression that he is vulnerable as he is being shot at and he can't shoot back
      • The soldier is in the centre of the belly of war and is trapped
      • Smacking the belly shows the bullets are constant that increase his pain
    • Listing "King, honour, human dignity, etcetera. Dropped liked luxuries in a yelling alarm
      • The listing is used for sarcasm to show that why he enrolled has gone out the window
      • He joined up under false pretenscess
      • His values are now useless
      • He feels cheated because he has no honour in this war
      • The list adds to the sarcasim
      • Human dignity is no longer important. The soldiers don't feel valued/ they have no purpose anymore
      • 'etcetera'- sounds careless- no one cares whether they live or die
      • 'Alarm'- the noise only stops when they're dead.
      • Differentiates between the silent waiting and sudden action
      • 'Alarm'- features in their nightmares too.
    • Metaphor "In what cold clockwork of the stars and the nations was he the hand pointing that second"
      • They don't have any control they have to work to the commands supposed to work like clockwork so supposed to act like a machine
      • Act without remorse
      • Like weapons themselves
      • Clockwork counting down time shows that they are counting down the deaths
      • Clocks runoff battery eventually it will die like the soldiers
      • Stars and nations reference to America also makes the soldiers patriotic
      • He is actually being critical of the government as they are making the wrong decision
      • Stars represent freedom but they are being forced into it and only way out is death or surrender
    • Metaphor "His terror's touchy dynamite"
      • He is a ticking time bomb.
      • He is a weapon and very deadly
      • TT alliteration reminds you as if a bomb is ticking or a stutter of a scared person
      • His death could bee explosive/ sudden
      • He has no control over his actions/ emotions- severe, stress
      • His end/ the conclusion of the war is uncertain-tension remains even after the final line
      • 'Terror'- his feelings are more extreme now, as the war has progressed


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