English: Remains key points

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  • Remains
    • Form
      • Written with plural pronouns 'we'
        • he's trying to shift the guilt off himself and share it with others
      • present tense implies he's living the poem as he speaks
    • Language
      • Conversational language
        • implies that this is a usual day for the man, and nothing special
      • 'blood shadow'
        • something has to be there for there to be a shadow
        • a shadow follows you around - as if he's being followed by the death
        • implies darkness
      • 'sleep,'' and 'dream,'
        • words separated from the beginning of the line are like brief flashbacks of memory which haunt him
      • 'I see'
        • shows the vision haunts him
      • 'I see broad daylight on the other side'
        • suggests he's relived the memory so many times his mind has started to warp it
    • Guilt
      • 'in my bloody hands'
        • implies that he feels solely responsible for the death of the man
    • Cesura
      • 'and I swear'
      • lengthens the pause between stanzas as if he's remembering in detail
    • Sibilance
      • 'sun-stunned, sand-smothered'
        • long sounds show an ongoing memory


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