Bayonet Charge - SPITS Breakdown

This is resource is designed to help with the SPITS paragraphing structure used in the exam. If you are not familier with this method it is as follows:

S - Subject matter

P - Purpose

I - Identify (mood, theme etc.)

T - Technique

S - Summarise

I hope this helps and good luck in your exams.

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  • Bayonet Charge
    • S
      • Soldier being sent over the top. Bayonet on the end of his rifle.
      • The mindset of the soldier.
      • Mass onslaught.
      • Hughs was in the RAF but never saw action. His father was also in the RAF but did see action.
    • P
      • To highlight the mindset of soldiers.
      • The affect of war on a soldiers mental state.
    • I
      • Conflict
      • Humanity & Nature
      • Long lasting effect.
        • The poem could be a form of analepsis.
    • T
      • Structure
        • 3 Stanza's.
          • Each Shows a different point of his progression along the battlefield.
      • Personifaction
        • "Bullets smacking the belly out of the air"
      • Similie
        • "a rifle numb as a smashed arm"
      • Metaphor
        • "Terror's touchy dynamite"
      • Sibilance
        • "shot-slashed"
    • S
      • The poem highlights the struggles of a soldier on the battlefield.
      • It looks at the soldiers mental state at various stages through the charge.
      • It shows the effect of war on nature.
      • Hughs shows that everything that seems important or that you hold dear will be shed on the battlefield.
        • "patriotic tear"


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