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  • Battles
    • Little Crow's War
      • 1862. Santee Sioux lived Minnesota reservation.
      • They were peaceful. Nearly starved at the end civil war. Poor harvest
      • Sioux left reservation and killed some settlers
      • Sioux lead an uprising. 100 soldiers killed and New Ulm was burned
      • Sioux were defeated at Wood Lake in September.  38 Dakota Sioux were hung
    • Sand Creek Massacre
      • 1863. Cheynne faced starvation because they couldn't afford  food
      • Cheyenne raided ranches and stagecoachs
      • Governor of Colorando said to hunt any hostile indians
      • Black Kettle wanted peace and safety. Moved to Sand Creek. Chivington attacked camp. 163 women and children were killed


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