Battle of passchendaele

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  • The battle of Passchendaele ( Third battle of YPres)
    • When
      • Fought between 31 July and 6 november 1917
    • The battle of mud
      • Heaviest mud seen in 30 years
        • Turned battle field into swamp
          • Tanks got stuck in mud
          • Infantry movement became hard due to mud
          • Shell crater filled with water so people could not hide in them
          • Men drown in mud
    • Outline of evnts
      • July 18 1917,  a heavy artillery barrage was launched at German line. Lasted for 10 days
        • 3,000 gun fired over 4 million shells
          • German army in the area fully expect the attack due to artillery
        • Infantry attack started on July 31st. limited success
          • Area sturated with heaviest rain the region has seen in the last 30 years
            • Russia withdrawl from the war  due to Russian revolution
              • Troops fighting on the eastern front moved to passchendaele
            • After 2 week tryng to reorganise the british forces attacked.2 unsettled battles were fought
              • between October 9th and october 12 2 battles were fought. Poelcappelle and frist battle of passchendaele
                • In late october 3 more allied attack were made but no breakthroug was made
                  • November 6  1917 village of Passchendaele was taken. Battle eneded
    • Why
      • Haig had long wanted a British offensive in Flanders
      • the German blockade would soon cripple the British war effort
      • Wanted to reach the Belgian coast to destroy the German submarine bases there
      • Haig believed that morale of the German army was very low, so a big attack would brek the line and win the war
        • The information was incorrect
    • Ending the battle
      • This battle failed to break the stalemate
      • Innovation as tanks were used in bulks.
        • Not very effective tanks got stuck in mud
      • Few could justify the loss of life
        • 310,000 british soldiers death and 260,000 German soldiers death
      • Haig critise for not changing his tatics
        • Haig seemed to not understand impact of weather
      • They had advance only 5km


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