Energy Transfer

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  • Energy transfer (1)
    • 9 forms of Energy
      • Thermal
      • Chemical
      • Kinnetic
      • Light
      • Gravitational Protential
      • Elastic
      • Electrical
      • Nuclear
      • Sound
    • The law of conservation of energy
      • Energy can not be created or destroyed but only transferred or transformed.
        • Transformed: changes energy type
        • Transferred: same energy different place
    • Sankey diagram
      • The width of the arrow indicates the amount if energy there is.
    • Efficiency
      • Efficiency is a measure of how good a machine is at its job or how wasteful the machine is.
      • It is calculated by doing (useful energy out / total energy in) X 100.
      • Never write fractions normal write a decimal fraction.
    • Kinetic energy
      • Kinetic energy= 1/2 X mass X velocity squared or Ek=1/2mv squared
        • Ek=J
        • m=Kg
        • V squared =m/s
    • Calculate the speed of a falling object
      • Also called the speed it hits the group
      • If we know the mass we can work out the speed (also need the height)
        • Mass=balance
        • Height=  meter rule
    • Work
      • Work is done whenever energy is converted from one form to another.
      • If an object gains 100J of g.p.e. Then 100J of work has been done.
      • Work done=force X distance moved in the direction of the force
    • Power
      • Power is the rate at which work is done.
      • Power = work done /time


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