Cliff collapse- Barton-on sea, Hampshire

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  • Barton-on sea, Hampshire
    • rate of coastal erosion = 1-2m per year
    • Causes
      • Physical
        • rock type- weak sands and clays, easily eroded
        • rock layers- permeable rocks lay on top of impermeable clay
          • water builds up within cliffs -> increased weight on cliffs -> collapse
        • prevailing wind- SW wind, hits coast directly
        • waves have long fetch so very powerful
        • surface streams disappear in permeable sands, adds to amount of water in cliffs
      • Human
        • buildings increase weight on cliffs
        • buildings interfere with drainage
    • Responses
      • groynes
      • rock armour
        • haven't stopped erosion or cliff collapse
          • groynes


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