Barriers to services

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  • Barriers to services
    • Physical
      • Client working shifts so unable to get to service
      • Stairs
      • Lack of adapted facilities.
      • Lift opperating system out of reach.
      • Lack of ramps
      • Lack of lifts.
    • Phsychological
      • Fear of loosing independance
      • Phobias.
      • Mental health disrders.
      • Stigma associated with some services.
      • Not wanting to be looked after by other people
      • Bad experiences
    • Financial
      • Lack of money for transport
      • Charges/ fees
      • Lack of money for treatment
    • Geographical
      • Living in a rural area where facilities are limited
      • Transport not available.
      • Long train/bus journey is not practiable
    • Cultural and language
      • Using english may deter some people from using them.
      • Not having practitioners of the same sex.
      • Written information is not in users own language
      • Not knowing what is available
      • Some treatments may not be accepted in certian cultures


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