Barriers to Public Health

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  • Barriers to Public Health
    • Laissez faire
      • Government belief
      • Government should keep out of people's  affairs
      • Believed by The Times
      • This belief  meant that PH and PL reform was blocked
    • Lack of legislation
      • Government  committed to laissez faire
      • Only Private Acts avaible
        • Only applied for certain areas
        • Often permissive
      • Only had to  please upper and middle classes, not working class
    • Vested interests
      • Companies stopping legislation because it will block their profits
      • For example, water companies did not want PH reform on water because it mean reducing their profits
      • Improvement Commissionsin some towns had vested interests, which also made improvementslimited
    • Different theories of the cause of the disease
      • Miasma Theory
        • Disease  caused by rotting matter in the air
        • Popular theory, believed by most
        • Endorsed by Edwin Chadwick- "All smell is disease"
      • Germ Theory
        • Disease caused by germs
        • Louis Pasteur
        • No one believed him
        • Later  proved right by Dr. Robert Koch
      • Contagion Theory
        • Diseases spread by those by who had the disease
        • Therefore, quarantine was the answer to diasease


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