Barriers to Change

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  • Barriers to Change
    • Resistance the most common barrier
    • Organisational Structure
      • Some structures can make it hard to manage change
      • If business has tall structure it can be difficult to communicate the change andreasons for it to lower layers
    • Resources
      • Businesses need to have correct resources before making a change
      • Shouldn't get new machinery if they don't have someone to operate it etc.
    • Poor Management
      • When managers can't communicate effectively and engage workers
      • Usually results in lack of trust between manager and workers
    • Passive resistance
      • When people carry on with the old ways despite being aware of the new needs and processes
      • Most common in employees and suppliers
    • Active resistance
      • When people argue against the change and challenge the motives for it
      • Workers can organise themselves through trade union and refuse to carry out tasks
      • Customers can show it by refusing to make further purchases from the company


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