Music-Baroque orchestra

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  • Baroque Orchestra Music
    • Period: 1700-1750
    • Main centre: Western Europe
    • Main Composers: Vivaldi, Handel, Bach
      • Examples: The four seasons by vivaldi
    • Orchestra consists of:
      • Strings: Violas, Violins, Cellos and double bass
      • Continuo instruments- a small group of instruments who play the continuo part
        • Normally a bass line which indicates how to improvise harmonies
      • Harpsichord or organ
      • Woodwind: Flutes, recorders, oboes, bassoons
      • Brass: Trumpets, horns
      • Timpani
    • Key features
      • Simple, Diatonic harmonies
      • Movements that keep the same mood throughout
      • Terraced dynamics: Changes in volume are sudden rather than gradual
      • Ornamentation: melodies are often highly decorated
      • complex contrapuntal writing in some places
      • Harpsichord


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