Baroque Music

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  • Baroque Music
    • Tonality
      • Composers stopped writing modal music
      • Composers began to use major or minor keys
      • Modulating became a popular way of creating contrast in music
    • Composers developed new structures such as binary, ternary and rondo
    • Dynamics change suddenly(no crescendos or diminuendos) this is called terraced or stepped dynamics
    • Lots of motifs and repetition
    • Simple harmonies, mainly chords I and V
    • Lots of Ornaments
    • Often contrapuntal(polyphonic)
    • Often has a Basso Continuo
    • Choral Music
      • MASS- Part of the Catholic Church service set to music
      • REQUIEM- Mass for the dead
      • CHORALE- Hymn
      • ORATORIO- Religious version of an opera usually telling a Bible story
        • Oratorios aren't usually acted out
      • CANTATA- Vocal pieces made up of two or three arias, separated by recitatives
      • OPERA- A story set to singing, usually in three acts
        • OPERA SERIA- Serious often mythological themes
        • OPERA BUFFA- Light, everyday themes
        • OPÉRA COMIQUE- Like opera buffa but with some spoken recitatives
        • OPERETTA- Not big enough to be a proper opera
        • An aria is a solo voice piece
        • A recitative is a piece which tells the story
          • A chorus is sung by the whole choir


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