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  • Banquo
    • More honorable then M
      • He is a thane, like M and also praised for courage in battle. However while M is driven by selfish desires, Banquo has "a wisdom that doth guide his valour" This  suggests that Banquo thinks before he acts and does what is right
      • Ambitious and hopes that the witches prophecies come true. He doesn't act on the predictions so he represents the path M could have taken.
        • He isn't corrupted like M so remains honorable
      • M promises to "honour" Banquo for his loyalty but Banquo chooses to keep his "allegiance clear" - his conscience is more important to him then power and glory
    • He doesn't trust the witches
      • Behaves rationally when he meets the witches, questions whether they are real. In contrast M wants them to tell him more and is "rapt withal"
      • tells witches that he "neither beg nor fear/ your favors"   but he is still intrigued to hear what they have to say. He admits to having "dreamt last night of three weird sisters" which suggests that he is still thinking about the predictions
      • Banquo's awareness that the witches could be "fantastical" is perceptive enough to realize that they are "instruments of darkness" that could "win us harm". He is more cautious of believing what he sees then M is
    • Doesn't act to protect himself
      • He suspects that Macbeth murdered Duncan - "i fear/ Thou play'dst most foully" However he doesn't act on the suspicions and instead reminds himself that he will be the "father/of many kings"- this shows that ambitious thoughts can distract even the most honorable characters
      • M sees him as a threat he says that there is no one except Banquo "Whose being i do fear" When M's hired killers surround him, Banquo's exclamation of "O, treachery" shows that he didn't suspect that Macbeth would betray him
        • M is haunted by Banquo's ghost which shows how guilty M feels about killing his honorable friend
  • Banquo is BRAVE " That dauntless temper of his mind" NOBLE"Noble Banquo/ that hast no less deserved" WISE "The instruments of darkness tell us truths/Win us with honest trifles- to bretray's"


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