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  • Bangladesh
    • risk
      • densely populated
      • 46% of pop. live in places less than 10m above the sea level
      • lies of a flood plain of 3 major estuaries
      • snowmelt from the Himalayas adds to monsoon rain
    • increasing flood risk
      • subsidence
        • clearance and drainage of islands in the Ganges-Brahmaputra river delta
        • clearer for Cultivation
          • e.g. Shrimp farming
          • prevented natural deposition of sediment that used to main the Island's height
        • removed embankment from the 1970s-1980s
          • protect from tidal surges
      • removing vegetation
        • 70% of Bangladesh's mangrove-forested coastline retreating by 200m annually
          • erosion
          • sea level
          • removal of vegeation
        • protection and shelter by mangroves
          • roots absorb water
          • natural barrier and dissipiate the waves energy before it reaches the land
    • Sri Lanka
      • Only 2 people died in the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami due to mangroves
      • protect the mangroves scheme
        • protect 8800 hectares of remaining forest
        • replant
        • micro-loans to villagers for the incentive to protect mangroves
        • adaptation
    • Storm surges
      • changes in sea level caused by intense low-pressure system (depressions and tropical cyclones) and high speeds.
      • intensified by funnel-shape
    • impacts
      • high winds and floods damaged roads houses and infastructure
      • drinking water was contaminated by debris and freshwater sources e.g. wells were inundated with salt water
      • electricity supplies and communications were knocked out
      • sanitation infrastructure destroyed raising risk of disease
    • aftermath
      • est. cost us$1.7billion
      • less casualties - improved disaster prevention
        • improved forecasting
        • improved warning system
        • cyclone shelters


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