geography physical flooding LEDC case study

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  • Bangladesh flood 2004
    • facts
      • by July 40% of Dhaka was flooded and 60% of the country was submerged
      • the low lying land around the Ganges was most badly hit
      • July to Setember
      • very heavy rain 35cm in one day
    • responses
      • food supplies, blankets, medicine and clothing were distributed
      • local communities began to re-build there omes
      • UN tried to raise urgent money
      • water purification tablets and poster were given out
      • embankments put up, flood warnings, flood shelters
    • effects
      • 600 deaths
        • death toll rose to 750
      • 30 million left homeless out of 140 million population
      • 100,000 people in Dhaka suffered from diarrhoea
      • floodwaters left mud raw sewage
      • $7 billion cost to hospitals and schools
      • crops ruined and shortage of food
      • bridges, roads and airports were ruined or destroyed


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