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  • Bandura
    • Aim
      • Social Learning Theory
      • Aggression from role models
    • Method
      • 3 conditions
        • Aggressive Role Model
          • Boys
            • Boy role model
            • Girl role model
          • Girls
            • Girl role model
            • Boy role model
        • Non Aggressive role model
          • Boys
            • Girl Role Model
            • Boy Role model
          • Girls
            • Girl Role model
            • Boy Role model
        • No Role model
    • Participants
      • 72 children from Standford university nursery school from 37 to 69 months old
    • Findings
      • Children who observed aggression imitated it more
      • There was some improv of aggressive behaviours, but most was just imitating
      • Children who didn't watch aggression, made very little or no aggressive acts
      • Boys were more likely to imitate male role models
        • However girls were not more likely to imitate female role models
      • Boys were more physically aggressive than girls
    • Conclusion
      • Evidence that behaviours are learnt from viewing others


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