Bandura pt1

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  • Bandura et al (1961)
    • Background
      • People thought aggression could be inhibited through observation of aggression
    • Hypotheses
      • Observation of aggressive model would reproduce aggressive acts.
        • Opposite for non-aggressive role models
      • Children would immitate same-sex models more
      • Boys would show more aggression than girls
    • Participants
      • 72 children
      • Stanford Uni
      • 37-69 months mean age of 52 months
      • 36 boys 36 girls
    • Experimental Design
      • Matched pairs, independent measures
      • Lab Exp
      • 8 experimental conditions and 1 control
      • Children matched in 3s on their mean aggression rating (MAR)
        • MAR based on physical + verbal aggression, aggression to inanimate objects and aggression inhibition
    • Procedure
      • Stage 1:
        • Aggressive: Model played nicely for 1 min then started aggressively hitting the bobo doll with mallet
        • Non-aggressive: Model played peacefully for the total time
      • Stage 2
        • Aggression Arousal: Children taken to room with high quality toys (fire engine, pushchairs...) but were told these toys were saved for other children.
          • This allowed for any aggression obtained from stage 1 to be shown.
      • Stage 3
        • Room contained same toys as first room. children left to play for 20 mins and observed every 5 seconds.


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