Bandura 1963

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  • Bandura (1963)
    • Aim - to investigate whether exposure to aggression would influence behaviour.
    • Procedure - 48 boys and 48 girls aged between 3 and 6, one male and one female model and one female experimenter, 3 experimental groups and a control group. Conditions: role model being aggressive in real life, role model being aggressive on film, cartoon character being aggressive on film, no role model.
    • Results - mean total cartoon aggression had the highest level of aggression but there was no significant difference between watching the 'real-life' model or the 'human-film' model.
    • Conclusion - observing filmed aggressive acts leads to aggression in children. Freud's idea that watching aggression can be cathartic is not shown in these findings. Researchers suggested that social behaviour might come from 'pictorial' media.


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