Psychology Aggression Bandura Experiment

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  • Bandura-  Bobo doll
    • Experiment
      • Observational study, set up like a lab
      • 66 nursery school children slit into 3 groups. Watched film of adult physically and verbally assaulting bobo doll
      • 1st Group- No reward/punishment seen
      • 2nd group- Adult was shown rewarded
      • 3rd group- Adult was shown punished
      • After film each child was given bobo doll and aggressive behaviour was recorded
    • Findings
      • Group 2 was most aggressive, 2 was least and the 1st had spontaneous acts of aggression
      • Boys imitate more readily than girls.
    • Evaluation
      • Lack of ecological validity (doll not person, don't know long term effects)
        • However other researchers- those violent were rated by teachers and peers as most violent
      • Historical relativism- see more violence now (TV, Games)
      • Ethics- aggressive after?


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