Banbury case study

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  • Banbury
    • what
      • 1988
      • caused £12.5 million worth of damage
      • 150+ homes and 35 businesses were affected
      • another flood in 2007 reinforced the need to implement a flood  alleviation scheme
    • social management
      • raised A361 route into Banbury will be open during a flood to avoid disrupting people's lives
      • quality of life for people is improved with new footpaths and green areas
      • reduced levels of anxiety and depression through fear of flooding
    • economic management
      • cost of scheme was £18.5 million
      • by protecting 441+ houses and 73 commercial properties, the benefits are estimated to be over £100 million
      • donors from agencies and councils which allows future developments, creating jobs and bringing in money
    • environmental management
      • around 100,00 tonnes of earth were required to build the embankment- extracted from nearby, creating a small reservoir
      • a new biodiversity action plan has been created with ponds, hedge-grows and trees
      • part of floodplain will be deliberately allowed to flood if river levels are too high


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