Significance of Balkans

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  • Significance of the Balkans
    • Ottoman empire
      • up until the end of the 19th century they owned the Balkans
      • The fall of the Ottoman empire allowed other countries to strike for the Balkans
    • Serbs/Slavs
      • When the OE collapsed they claimed their national identity and were protected by Russia
    • Habsburg empire
      • They were the Austria-Hungry royal family and regarded as one of the most important families in Europe
      • They were allies but when the ottoman empire collapsed they wanted it for themselves
      • They were multi ethnic which included Slavs and they feared unrest
    • Russia
      • They protected the slavs from the OE and were very powerful
      • Pan Slavism
      • 1897 they had a deal with A/H to protect the peace but this didn't last


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