Balanced moments and levers

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  • Balanced moments and levers
    • ballanced moments
      • If the anti clockwise moments are equal to the clockwise moments the object wont turn
      • for a balanced moment the total anticlockwise= total clockwise moments
      • example 1 you younger brother weighs 200n and sits 2 meatures away from the pivot of a seeesaw
        • if you weigh 700n where should you sit to balence the seesaw
          • 300*c=700*y
            • 600/700 =0.85
              • y=0.86m
      • Example 2 a 6m long steel girder weighing 1000n rests horizontally on a pole 1m from one end.
        • what is the tension in a supporting cable attached virtically to the other end
          • the tension in the cable makes it sound harde then it actualy is but the girdes weight is balanced  by the tension force in the cable
          • anticlockwise moment (due to weight)= clockwise moment (due to cable tension)
    • levers
      • levers use theidea of balanced moments to make it easier for us to do work
      • the moment needed for us to do work= force * distance from the pivot so the amount of force needed to do work depends on the distance the force is applied from the pivot
      • levers increase the distance from the pivot at which the force is applied
        • this means less force is neaded to create the same moment
  • 1000*2=t*5
    • anticlockwise moment (due to weight)= clockwise moment (due to cable tension)
    • 2000=5T
      • T=400n


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