Balanced, healthy lifestyle

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  • Balanced healthy lifestyle
    • Exercise
      • Any form of physical activity
    • Fitness
      • The ability to meet the demands of the environment
    • Health
      • A complete state of mental, physical and social wellbeing not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
    • Performance
      • How well a task is completed
    • Health related exercise
      • Flexibility
        • Range of movement at a joint
      • Cardiovascular fitness
        • The ability to exercise the whole body for long periods of time
      • Body composition
        • The percentage of someones body weight which is made up of fat, muscle and bone
      • Muscular strength
        • Force produced by a muscle against resistance
      • Muscular endurance
        • Using voluntary muscles many times without getting tired
    • Skill related fitness
      • Agility
        • Ability to change direction at speed
      • Balance
        • Maintaining the body's centre of mass above the base of support
      • Co-ordination
        • Linking two or more body parts at  the same time
      • Speed
        • Time taken to cover a distance
      • Reaction time
        • The time between when a stimulus is first presented  and when movement occurs
      • Power
        • Strength x speed


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