Balanced Diet

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  • Balanced Diet
    • Carbohydrates
      • Pasta, cereals and potatoes
        • Provides quick energy
          • Increases the  time  before you fatigue
            • Long distance running e.g. marathon running
    • Protein
      • Meat, pulses and fish
        • Builds and repairs muscle
          • When training hard and recovering from injury
            • 'Power’ athletes such as weight lifters will eat more protein
    • Vitamins
      • Fresh fruit and vegetables
        • A for vision
        • B for energy
        • C for energy production and stress reduction
        • D for bones and teeth
        • Helps the body work. Helps concentration
        • Staying calm, making quick decisions
        • Needed in every sport
    • Minerals
      • Fruit, vegetables and fish
        • Calcium - to strengthen bones
        • Iodine - for energy production
        • Iron - prevents fatigue
        • Helps release energy from food. Helps decision making
        • When training hard and competing
        • Needed in every sport
    • Water
      • Maintains fluid levels
        • Whenever you sweat. It prevents dehydration
          • Needed in every sport
    • Fibre
      • Fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals
        • Fills you up and keeps you 'regular'
          • Healthy digestion, (no constipation) helps in sport. Also helps with weight control
            • This can help in boxing
    • Fat
      • Oils, dairy products, nuts and fish
        • Provides slow energy
          • Produces energy too slowly to be used when working hard
            • Walking and low impact exercise


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