balanced diet

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  • Balanced diet
    • classes of food
      • carbohydrates
        • Simple: fruit and processed food. release a high amount of energy quickly
        • complex: found in plant based food take longer to digest/release energy slower EG. pasta
      • vitamins
        • muscle and nerve functioning, tissue growth and release energy from food
      • minerals
        • help the nerve impulses/ allow effective muscle contraction
      • proteins
        • for tissue growth and repair EG. eggs
      • fibre
        • slower sustained release of energy EG. wholemeal bread
      • fats
        • secondary energy source for low intensity exercise EG. butter
      • water
        • helps control body temperature. 60% of a humans body weight
    • what is  a balanced diet?
      • a diet with a combination of all 7 groups required for health, growth and repair.
    • Athletes diets
      • endurance athlete
        • increased amounts of carbs/ fats
        • marathon runner
      • power athlete
        • increased protein and carbs
        • weight lifter
    • measures of nutritional suitability
      • body composition
        • the proportion of body fat to lean body tissue
      • Body mass Index (BMI)
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