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  • BAIL
    • Police Bail
      • The defendant is released until their trial
      • 'Street bail' might be given by the police, to appear at a police station, or by a custody officer at the station following charge.
    • Court Bail
      • Bail may be refused if there is a risk that -
        • -they will commit other offences
        • -the defendant will fail to surrender
        • -they will interfere with witnesses / obstruct justice
      • When deciding if to grant bail, Magistrates will consider -
        • -strength of evidence
        • -the likely sentence
        • -previous convictions / record
        • -the nature and seriousness of the offence
        • -community ties
      • Conditions that may be attached to bail:
        • A Surety
          • A person responsible for ensuring you attend court and who may have to pay a specific sum if not
        • Curfew
          • May be enforced by electronic tagging
        • Residence at a specific adress
        • Restrictions
          • Staying away from a specific person or place


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