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  • Baddeley ENCODING
    • Aim
      • To test if acoustic encoding is used in STM and if sematic encoding is used in LTM
    • Procedure
      • Lab Experiment with 2 experimental word lists and 2 control lists.
      • Condition 1: Acoustically Similar (meet, feet, sweet)
      • Condition 2: Semantically Similar (neat, clean, tidy)
      • Condition 3: Acoustically Dissimilar (hot, far, jam)
      • Condition 4: Semantically Dissimilar (pen, jump, day)
      • Asked to recall either immediately (STM) or delayed (LTM)
    • Independent Variable
      • The kind of list (acoustic/ semantic, similar/dissimilar)
    • Dependent Variable
      • How many sequences a participant recall accurately
    • Conclusion
      • Nature of encoding is different for STM and LTM
      • STM= acoustically encoded, semantics not important
      • LTM= semantically encoded, acoustics not important
    • Findings
      • Immediate recall (STM)= more substitution errors on acoustically similar than dissimilar. No difference in semantic.
      • Delayed recall (LTM)= more substitution errors on semantically similar than dissimilar. No difference in acoustically.


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