Bacteria and Yeast cells

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  • Bacteria and Yeast cells
    • Bacteria in unicellular organisms
    • Each single cell can live on its own with the 7 life processes
    • Bacteria are AKA microbes and microorgani-sms. (a microscope is needed to see them.
    • Microbes are found in/on: plants and animls, deserts, deep oceans, snow and boiling mud.
    • Bacteria cell consists of cytoplasms (surrounded by membrane and outer cell wall)
    • Cytolplasm contains a loop of DNA containing most cell genes.
    • Yeast = oval/spherical - they have: Nucleus, cytoplasms, mitcohondria, vacuole and cell membrane surrounded by cell wall.
    • Yeast = single - celled microscopic fungus
    • Pale grey 'bloom' on fruits like plum and grape is naturally occurring yeast.
    • Yeast is found in dust, water, plants, soil water and some surfaces inside us.
    • Yeast = 10x bigger than bacteria cells!


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