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  • Backing/ secondary storage devices and media
    • Memory stick/pen drive/USB drive - Ideal storage for photos, music and other data files. These are portable small like devices that you insert into the USb port. very useful. advantages: small and lightweight, large storage capacity, no moving parts(reliable), not subject to scratches.
      • Flash/pen drives most popular portable storage media. disadvantages: their small size means they are easily lost, stolen or left in the computer. they do not have a high transfer rate.
    • Optical drives - flat circular disks which data is stored as a series of bumps. the way the bumps reflect laser beam light is used to read off the disk. cd/dvd drives read the data off the disk or store data on the disk.
    • CD-ROM(Compact Disk-Read Only Memory) - used for distribution of software. most computers only have cd drives. you can read a cd using a dvd drive only, not the other way around. with cd-rom: data is read only, stored as an optical pattern, large space capacity.
    • DVD-ROM (Digital Versatile Disk-Read Only Memory) - higher storage capacity than cds and ideal for storage of multimedia files e.g. MP3, video clips etc. used for distribution of movies.


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