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  • Background to To Kill a Mockingbird
    • Great Depression and Maycomb
      • Atticus mentions that times are hard for people, lots of poverty, each Finches weren't wealthy
      • Cunninghams hit hardest, tough decisions - welfare job/ farm goes to ruins
      • Bob Ewell given relief checks by government to feed family
      • Explains why so much racism in Maycomb - landowners blamed end of slavery fro loss of lands, profits and status
    • Racist American Society 1930s
      • Segregation was normal
      • In the South a black man could be lynched for looking at a white woman
      • 1930 Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith lynched - accused of **** and murder but not convicted
    • Changes in the 1950s
      • Early 1950s still denied basic human rights
      • Mid-1950s, black activists began peaceful protests - Civil Rights Movement
      • Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, bus boycotts, sit-ins, marches
      • Some white people supported the movement
      • Book written in late 1950s when CRM was at its peak - captured mood of hope for future


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