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  • Background to To Kill a Mockingbird
    • Slave Trade
      • Brought millions of Africans to work in America
      • Brought in slave ships and suffered terrible conditions
      • Slaves had no rights, brought by the wealthy whites, then forced to work
      • Couldn't leave jobs or decide for themselves
      • Wasn't abolished until 1865, idea that blacks were inferior continued
    • Civil War
      • Between the Northern United States and the 11 Southern States called the Confederate States of America
      • Violent and bloody - 620000 soldiers died
      • Main cause was disagreement over slavery
      • Attitudes to black people took time to change
      • In Maycomb black people did not have equal rights - weren't entitled to education and can only get poorly paid jobs
    • Ku Klux Klan
      • Formed in 1860s by group of men who fought for the South
      • Believed whites were superior to everyone else
      • Attacked and killed black Americans, and Northern Americans
      • Early 1920s estimated 4 million members


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