Geography Report on the effect of Alzheimer's

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  • Background of Alzheimer's Disease
    • What happends to the brain in Alzheimer's Disease?
      • Gradually start to suffer from memory loss and a decline in thinking abilities
      • The individual with also suffer from major personality changes
      • major changes in the brain including the build up of amyloid plaques, which kill brain cells
      • As the disease progresses nerve cells in parts of the brain shrink and die.
      • as nerve cells coninue to die, the brain begins to shrink
    • Who is Affected by the Disease?
      • 35 Million people worldwide have Alzheimer's disease
      • Alzheimer's is the 5th leading cause to death of peopler 65+
      • Male patients, usually suffer greater problems, espically in wandering, abusiveness, and socially particularly in the advantaged stages
      • There is evidence that people with a higher education are at less risk than people with lower education.
      • Alzheimer's disease is not heredtary, even if manyfamily members have the disease
      • everyone has the chance of developing the risk of Alzheimer's.
    • Economically?
      • People with Alzheimer's disease usually have qualified carers come in throughout the day, costing money of the patient
      • An economic burden on society
      • The financial cost of caring for someone with Alzheimer's can be very overwhelming
      • Alzheimer's disease is the third most expensive disea
      • Alzheimer's disease include medical costs such as nursing home care, in home day care, loss patient and care giver.


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