Bach Chorale- things i need to remember

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  • Bach Chorale- things i need to remember
    • Melodic/ harmonic decoration
      • Suspensions: 4-3, 7-6, 9-8   2-3 (bass only)- look for descending patterns in inner parts.
      • Arpeggiations leap to another note of the chord
    • Substitution Chords
      • The final cadence in a minor key chorale will have a Tierce de Picardie.
      • Chord #vii7 can replace chord V7 in a V7-I progression, which isn't at a cadence
      • Chord ii7b can decorate the ii7b-V-I cadence as a secondary dominant
    • Intervals
      • Leading notes are approached by step/ note of chord V.
        • Rise to the tonic or fall a 3rd to the dominant
      • Gap between Soprano and Alto mustn't exceed an Octave
    • Chords and their progressions
      • The bass can leap octaves to give strong impression of change of chord
      • The Passing viib:
        • 345, 543, 123, 878
      • Cadences
        • Approaches to the perfect cadence:
          • Ic-V-I only used in home key or relative minor- dont double the root (5th).
          • Ib-V-I, the 3rd can be doubled if relevant parts are in contrary motion
          • IIb-V7-I, remember to prepare the 7th, used in maj0or keys only
      • Best when root falls 5th/3rd
    • Modulations
      • Tonic- Dominant- Tonic (maj and min keys)
      • Tonic- Relative- Tonic (minor keys only)
      • Pivot Chords
        • FROM MAJOR KEY:
          • To the Dominant: vi=ii
          • To the Sub Dominant: ii=vi
          • To the relative minor: ii=iv
        • FROM A MINOR KEY
          • To the dominant minor: i=iv
          • To the subdominant minor: iv=i
          • To the relative major: iv=ii


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