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  • Bach- Brandenburg Concerto no. 5 in D major (3rd movement)
    • performing forces and their handling
      • Concerto grosso- ripieno (string orchestra) concertino (solo group)
      • there are very few dynamic markings, as these weren't possible to play on the harpsichord, only terraced dynamics which is to do with the number of instruments playing at a set time.
      • Baroque Flute- wooden  and had finger holes
      • Figured Bass
    • Structure
      • large ternary structure ABA
      • could be thought of as ritornello form
    • Texture
      • Polyphonic and contrapuntal
      • begins in fugal style but is not an actual fugue
      • sometimes parts play in unison
      • two-part imitation, flute and violin in the subject
    • Melody
      • Conjunct style though there are a few leaps
      • scalic runs in the harpsichord part
      • ornaments e.g. trills in the harpsichord part to sustain notes
      • appogiaturas
    • Harmony
      • chord of the time
      • functional harmony
      • dominant sevenths
      • perfect cadences
      • suspensions
    • Tonality
      • D major
      • modulates to dominant (A major) relative minor (B minor)
      • diatonic
    • Tempo, metre and rhythm
      • 2/4 time, a baroque gigue
      • triplets and dotted rhythm throughout
      • harpsichord has many semi-quaver runs


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