Bach Brandenburg

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  • Bach Brandenburg
    • Melody
      • Much of the music is in conjunct (stepwise) style (e.g. bar 2), though there are leaps (e.g. fourths in bar 1).
        • There are occasional ornaments, with trills.
        • Often the conjunct music is extended to scalic runs, especially in the harpsichord part.
    • Texture
      • The texture is polyphonic/contrapuntal.
        • The movement begins in fugal style.
        • The bass line for the new middle section theme has a tonic pedal on B
    • Harmony and Tonality
      • The music is in D major.
        • The music is DIATONIC.
      • The harmony is functional.
      • The harmony uses mainly root position and first inversion chords.
    • Tempo rhythm and metre
      • The metre is 2/4 - two beats in a bar.
        • It uses triplets and dotted rhythm throughout.
      • The harpsichord part in particular has many semiquavers runs.
    • Structure
      • The structure of this movement is very different from the standard ritornello form found in the concertos of composers such as vivaldi


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