Gillian Clarke - Baby-sitting mindmap

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  • Babysitting
    • "For the wrong baby."
      • Shows that she has no emotional attachment to this baby.
    • "I am afraid of her. If she wakes.."
      • G.C is afraid of her waking up. The relationship between them isn't natural. (No maternal bond between them.)
    • "It will not come."
      • She cannot breastfeed. Physically and emotionally cannot help her.
    • "Her hot midnight rage."
      • Creates an atmospheric image as the baby makes G.C as uncomfortable as she makes the baby.
    • "Milk-familiar comforting."
      • Double reading. Could mean both comfort from milk and comfort from her Mother.
    • "To her I will represent absolute abandonment."
      • Reference to the child and her real mother. Indicates that she feels that she could never compare to the child's real mother, adding tension and stress to the situation.


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