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  • Babies
    • Breast-feeding(lactation)
      • Designed specifically for children.
      • Sterile milk.
        • Unlikely to get infections.
      • Mother can give baby immunity to certain diseases.
      • Right temperature and consistency.
      • Helps mother and baby bond.
      • Provides the correct mix and quantity of nutrients.
      • Helps develop intestines.
      • Less likely to be sensitive to foods or get asthma/eczema
      • Less likely to be overweight.
      • No preperation needed
    • Weening
      • Gradual introduction to solid foods.
      • No solid food before 4 months.
      • 6 months
        • Drink from a trainer beaker.
        • Should have a mixed diet.
    • Bottle-feeding
      • Powdered milk is made from modified cows milk. Ordinary cows milk is too high in mineral salts and protein.
      • Needs to be given as instructed because too much could lead to obesity, great thirst, and strain on the kidneys.


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