The digestive system

Biology- The digestive system

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  • The Digestive System
    • Poylmers hydrolysed into smaller, more souble molecules.
    • Small Intestine:
      • Ileum
        • Souble molecules absorbed throught villi.
      • Duodenum
        • Bile& Pancreatic juice neutalise the acidity of chyme and break it down.
    • Large Intestine:
      • Absorbs water, minerals, salts
      • Folded wall- large surface area.
      • Bacteria that decompose undigestived nutrients, found here.
    • Oesophagus:
      • Mucle contractions- Peristales
      • Food= Mouth-->Stomach.
      • Mucus secreted.
    • Stomach:
      • Small sac. Lots of folds- Allows expansion.
      • Entrance/exit- Spincter.
      • Gastric Jucie- Produced by stomach walls. Consists of hyrdocholric acid, pepsin, mucus.
    • The Salivary Gland:
      • Saliva= Mucus, mineral salts. amylase
      • Salivary amylase breaks down starch--> Maltose (disccharide)
    • Pancreas:
      • Pancreatic juice: Amaylse, Trypsin, Chymotrypin, lipase.
        • Also contains sodium hydrocarbonate to neutralise hydrochloric acid.
        • Amaylase- Starch--> Maltose
        • Trypsin&Chymotrypsin- Protein--> Peptides
        • Lipase- Lipids--> Fatty acids& Glycerol


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