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  • Diseases
    • Bacteria
      • Reproduce by binary fission
      • Single-celled
      • 4 shapes: rod, spiral, curved rods and spheres
      • Used in industry to make yoghurt
    • Viruses
      • Protein coats with genetic material
      • Only reproduce inside living cells
      • Particular types will only attack specific cells
    • Disease transmition
      • Through food
      • In water
      • By airborne droplets
      • Through contact
    • Stages in an infectious disease
      • 1) The pathogen enters the body
      • 2) the pathogen reproduces rapidly
      • 3) the pathogen produces toxins
      • 4) the toxins cause symptoms of infection
    • Scientists
      • Pasteur
        • Proved existence of microbes
        • Came up with pasturisation as a way of killing microbes to keep milk fresh
      • Flemming
        • Discovered penicilin
        • Found mould on an agar plate was producing a substance that killed bacteria
      • Lister
        • Linked hygeine in hospitals to microbes
        • Treated and dressed wounds with acid to to prevent sepsis


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