B6 - Reflexes and Cot Death

B6 - Notes on Cot Death and Newborn reflexes

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  • B6
    • Newborn Reflex
      • Reflex are sometimes missing at birth or still present after birth.
      • Example: Stepping or Swimming
        • Swimming: A baby under 6 months in water will move his arms and legs while holding his breath
        • Stepping: When a baby is first born, he will start taking small steps when his feet touches a flat surface
      • Present for a short time after birth but then replaced by behaviours
    • Cot Death / Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
      • Because babies simple reflex hasn't mature properly
      • Doctors advise mothers to put babies on the backs when sleeping.
      • A newborn baby has not grown out of the fetal reflex
      • A fetus detects oxygen in blood is low, it's reflex response makes it move around less
    • Innate Behaviour
      • Types of behaviours  inherited  through your genes


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