B4 Revision Mind map

This is a mind map that is direct to OCR exam board on B4, it covers Photosynthesis, Diffusion,Osmosis,Active transport,Anaerobic Respiration and finally; Aerobic respiration

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  • B4
    • Aerobic Respiration
      • Needs Oxygen and Glucose
        • g+o>cd+w+e
      • g+o>cd+w+e
      • Releases more energy than anaerobic
      • Takes place in plants & animal cells
    • Photosynthesis
      • Produces Glucose
      • Is a series of chemical reactions that uses energy from sunlight to produce food
        • Produces Glucose
      • Glucose - A Sugar
      • Happens in the green part of plants
        • The leaf
        • Some micro-organisms such as phytoplankton
      • Needs chlorophyll to for photsynthesisto happen
      • Oxygen is a waste product
      • Organisms that photosynthesise tend to be the start of a food chain
      • Three things that glucose is used for is:
        • (2) glucose is used for respiration
        • (1) glucose is used to make chemicals for growth
          • Converted into cellulose for making cells walls especially in rapid growing plants
          • Glucose is combined with nitrogen (from nitrates taken up from the soil by plant roots) to make amino acids where are then made into proteins
            • Glucose is used to help make chlorophyll
              • Converted into cellulose for making cells walls especially in rapid growing plants
          • Glucose is used to help make chlorophyll
          • (3) Glucose is  turned to starch
      • Investigating Photosynthesis
        • Transect
          • A way of investigating how something changes across an area.
          • Things you need to know about that'll help you collect data
            • Light meter
            • Quadrant
            • Identification key
      • Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport
        • Diffusion
          • Is the passive (without energy) overall movement of particles from a region of their higher concentrationto a region of their lower concentration
        • Osmosis
          • is the overall movement of water from a dilute to a more concentrated solution through a partially permeable membrane
        • Active Transport
          • is the overall movement of chemicals across a cell membrane from a region of lower concentrationto a region of higher concentration using energy released by respiration


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