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  • Current level of fish is unsustainble
    • Fishing
      • Fish levels decreasing due to over fishing
      • To prevent overfishing: 1.Put fishing quotas in place 2.Put a limit to the amount of fish that can be caught 3. Limit net/mesh size (smaller fish are left to breed)
  • HYPOTONIC lower concentration
    • Sports Drinks
      • IOTONIC: contain same concentrations of sugar and ions as normal body fluid
      • Sports Drnks contain WATER,IONS and SUGAR.
      • during exercise you sweat (loss of water and ions) and require more energy (sugars broken down in respiration)
  • High protein, low fat meat substitute
    • Mycoprotein
      • Grown on sugar syrup in aerobic conditions (fusarium)
      • The product is harvested and dried and processed
      • AIR: provides oxygen for respirtion of fungi STIRRERS: keep microorganisms in suspension WATER COOLED JACKET: removes excess energy
  • B3
  • Peat can be used as compost but also as a construction material.
    • Peat Bogs
  • Plasma


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