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  • sugar control
    • insulin-lowers blood glucose level
    • glucagon-increases blood glucose level
    • Homeostasis
      • type 1 diabetes - pancreas doesn't   secrete insulin
        • thermore gulatory centre,personal thermostat
          • kidneys remove urea from blood adjust ions and water in the blood
            • removal of waste and water control
              • kidney dialysis and transplants
          • body temp water+ion content,blood sugar level
      • B3
        • Transport systems in plants and animals
          • the blood system
            • stents, heart valves
            • veins-thin walls,low pressure, valves
            • capillary narrow thin walled blood vessels
              • Double circulatory system oxygenated blood>lungs>oxygenated blood>heart>pumped around body
            • arteries thick walls, muscle elastic tissue, contracts,prevent blood flow
          • Transport systems in plants
            • thick rigid walls to prevent from falling
              • Phloem
                • End walls =holes make movements easy
                  • sieve tube =no nucleus,but living tissue
                  • Dissolved sugars from leaves to rest of plant (storage regions)
                    • companion cells= sugars transported by AT
              • Xylem
                • constant movement= transpiration stream
                  • transports water and mineral ions from root to stem + leaves
        • Movement of molecules in and out of cells
          • Gaseous Exchange
            • Inspiration- intercostal muscles contract thorax volume increases, pressure decreases, air draws in
          • Exchange systems in plants
            • Root hair cells- long hairs, large SA uses active transport
            • increase in transpiration rate: hot, dry windy
            • guard cells lose water, deflate, cells no longer curve, close up
              • stormata closes when transpiration increases
              • Expiration- intercostal muscles relax, thorax volume decreases, pressure increases air forces out
          • Dissolved subs
            • Osmosis diffusion and active transport
            • villi-large SA (micro villi) thin,good blood supply
            • alveoli- large SA, thin alveolus wall,ventilated, blood supply from RBC
            • Exchanging materials: large SA,thin,good blood supply, ventilates


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