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  • B3
    • Fermenters
      • Micro-organisms are grown in them on a large scale
      • Full of liquid 'culture medium'
        • Where they grow and reproduce
        • Provides food,      carbohydrates, nitrates, vitamins and minerals
      • Air is pumped in to supply oxygen
      • The pH and temperature is constant
        • It is kept sterile, and stirred
    • Micro-organisms and food
      • Micro-protein-food from fungi
        • Quorn
      • Bacteria ferment milk to produce yoghurt
        • The equipment is sterilised, the milk pasteurised
          • The bacteria produces lactic acid, which causes the milk to clot and form yoghurt
    • Using enzymes
      • Biological washing powders
        • Enzymes break down the stains
      • Rennet-found in the lining of a cows stomach
        • Used to make cheese


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