B2: Keeping healthy

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  • B2: Keeping healthy
    • Keywords
      • Pathogen
        • General term for harmful microbes
      • Immunity
        • Defenses against that particular disease
      • Antibodies
        • Markers produced by some white blood cells to tag invaders
      • Engulf and Digest
      • Toxins
      • Vaccine
        • A weak or dead form of a disease; not enough to make you ill, but enough to get your immune system to make antibodies against it.
      • An Artery
        • Carries blood away from the heart
      • A vein
        • Carries blood towards the heart.
    • The blood carries oxygen, carbon dioxide and other substances.
    • The heart pumps blood around the body.
    • Arteries have thicker walls. Capillaries have very small internal diameter and very thin walls.
    • Coronary arteries supply the heart muscle with blood
    • The kidneys control the amunt of water and ions lost in the urine
    • The hypothalamus is the more regulatory  centre of the brain
    • Keywords
      • Blood sugar
        • Provides cells with a supply of energy
      • Carbon Dioxide
        • Is removed by the lungs
      • The skin
        • Is an effector for controlling the amount of heat lost by the body
      • Sweating
      • HyPOthermia
        • Is when the core temperature of the body falls too much
      • HyPERthermia
        • Is when the core body temperature rises too much


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