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  • B2 Keeping Healthy
    • Vaccinations produces the first responce without giving you the disease
      • This means the are protected from the real disease because you have the antibodies
        • The vaccine is usuallu an altered or killed version of the microorganism containing the same antigens
    • Heart Disease
      • Arteries take blood away from the heart at high pressure.Thats why they need to have muscle and elastic fibres, vains take blood back from the heart
        • The arteries supplying the heart muscle are called coronary arteries and if these block up with the fatty deposits the heart muscle doesnt get enough oxygen and starts to die you get a heart attack
    • Risk Factors:1. eating to much fatty food 2.being overweight  3.lack of exersice 4.smoking
    • Antibiotics
      • Medicines that destroy some microorganism
        • Effective against bacteria and fungi only
          • NO effects on viruses


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