B2.2 Tissues, Organs and Systems

Mind map summary of the unit, hope you find it useful :) 

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  • B2.2 Summary
    • Multi-cellular Organisms
      • Each system is adapted to exchange materials
      • Each specialized cells have specialized functions
      • The stomach
        • Each organ has a unique function
        • Completes and aids digestion
        • Examples include the Salivary Glands and the Small Intestine
    • The Digestive System
      • Salivary Gland
        • Chemically aids digestion by producing saliva
        • Mechanically aids digestion by churning food
      • Oesophagus
        • Transports food from the mouth to the stomach
        • Mechanically aids digestion through muscular contractions called "Peristalsis"
      • Stomach
        • Mechanically aids digestion through muscular contractions to churn the food
        • High hydrochloric acid levels to help enzymes thrive
        • Enzymes chemically aid digestion by starting to break down foods
      • Liver
        • Produces an Alkali substance called bile
        • Cannot store bile
      • Gall stones
        • Store Bile
        • Releases bile to neutralize stomach acid
      • Small Intestine
        • Uses enzymes released by liver and pancreas to continue chemical digestion
          • Pancreas
            • Secretes insulin to chemically aid digestion
        • Villa put amino acids into blood
      • Large intestine
        • Mechanically replaces water into the body
    • what creates a living organism
      • Cells
      • In animals
        • Muscular Tissues
          • Contract to allow movement
        • Glandular tissues
          • Produces enzymes and hormones
        • Epithelial tissues
          • Cover parts of the body
      • In the stomach
        • Muscular tissues help movement to churn up food
        • Glandular tissues produce enzymes and digestive juices
        • Epithelial tissues line the inside and outside of the stomach
      • In plants
        • Epidermal tissue
          • Covers the plant and its organs
        • Mesophyll Layer
          • Carry's out photosynthesis
        • Xylem and Phloem
          • Transports water and nutrients


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